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Hulk DVDI just finished watching Hulk on DVD. I saw it in the theater when it came out, so the movie’s faults were not a surprise to me. I really wanted to like this movie so I went into my second viewing with only vague memories from when I first saw it, and low expectations. They weren’t low enough.


There were a lot of things going for this film. The cast was good, especially Sam Elliot as General Ross. My only complaint with him was that he should have had a cigar in his mouth. I’m not advocating smoking, but come on, quit the pc bullcrap.

The effects were passable. I clearly remember seeing some early trailers that made the Hulk look terrible. Most of that was vastly improved for the final film. It could have been better, but it could have been far worse.

The story was mediocre at best, but I’ve seen, and enjoyed a lot worse. So what went wrong? I think it was the pacing and editing.

The movie just tried to do too much and suffered for it. At 2 hours and 18 minutes it could have been shortened by almost an hour and we would have had an acceptable film. I’d start by cutting out about 25 minutes off of the beginning.

Did we really need 40 minutes of back-story to establish this movie? I think not. Introduce the characters. Forget trying to be mysterious about what happened with his father. Just tell us and move on. Give us what we paid to see – a big green monster.

I would have also dropped the Talbot character entirely. He served no real purpose other than to provoke Bruce. We didn’t need a separate character for that. We had General Ross.

I liked Nick Nolte, and I didn’t mind the idea of his story, but it was completely overdone. Half of the scenes with him could have been dropped quite easily and we would have had a faster, and better paced movie. Also, will someone explain to me why exactly he sent his dogs after Betty? If he felt threatened by her, he should have just killed her. He was willing to kill his son, why not her? No, the only reason this was in there was so that Hulk could fight them. I’ll admit the fight was good, but surely a more logical explanation for it could have been found.

The movie finally took off in the final hour. You have to admit that Hulk being chased through the desert and fighting tanks was pretty cool. Yeah the physics don’t work. So what. It was fun, and that’s what this movie should have been about. Mindless destruction, a small amount of psychobabble to explain it, and fun.

Sadly the movie halted the rampage and veered off course for the final confrontation with daddy. I’m sorry, I don’t care how much General Ross loves his daughter, he’s not going to arrange a meeting between Bruce and his father. Not after the battle in San Francisco Bay. I could have forgiven even this if the battle had been good. It wasn’t.

The final battle could have had Bruce come to terms with his father – by beating the crap out of him. Instead, we got another dose of psychobabble and the ‘mystery’ of did he die. They even messed up the, “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” line by having it in Spanish.

We’re left with a film that could have been good, should have been good, but instead was mostly boring. I can only hope that the next movie will be better.

I’ll watch the DVD extras in the next day or two and comment on them. This assumes that I care enough to do so after watching them. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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