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Justice League of America #10

JLA010This issue featured the end of the Lightning Saga which has been one of my favorite stories in recent time. Finally we got to see the REAL Legion again and they were treated with respect. I think Waid meant well with the reboot of LSH, but it hasn’t worked for me at all. I’ll get more into that at some other time.



This issue was good fun. The Legion outwits both the JLA and the JSA and accomplishes its mission. I think that exactly what their mission was is yet to be seen. On the surface it appears that they were there to bring back Wally West and family. Certain comments make me think there may be more to it than that.

1) When Wally takes off his mask he says, “I’m faster than anyone.” Karate Kid replies, “No. You’re not.” He then goes on to tell Superman, “You’ll understand someday.”

2) In the next panel we see Timber Wolf saying, “Goodbye Hal Jordan. Now you will not be alone.”

3) A few pages later Wildfire is telling Brainiac 5 about Wally West’s return. Brainy replies, “West? Curious.”

4) When Wildfire and Sensor Girl are carrying Karate Kid to the door that will take them home, KK makes a point of giving his wand to Wildfire. Later, Brainy holds up that wand and says, “… All I really care about is that we got who we wanted.”

These are all rather strange comments if their mission was to rescue Wally West.

Who’s faster than Wally? Barry Allen was.

Hal may have been friends with Wally, he may have even looked at him somewhat like a son, not that I can remember anyplace that was shown, but the person he was really friends with wasn’t Wally. It was Barry.

Brainiac 5’s comment about Wally’s return being curious, and that he only cared that they got who he wanted also seem to indicate that Wally wasn’t who they were after.

It seems obvious that somehow their real mission was to bring back Barry Allen. The question is why? Barry never really interacted with the Legion. For them to care if he’s around or not must be because of something other than loyalty and friendship. My best guess is that they want Barry back because only he can somehow save their universe.

I’ll be looking forward to how this all plays out. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing Barry return. He’s always been my favorite speedster. He had a good death, so he doesn’t NEED to return, but I wouldn’t mind it.

What I want most of all though is to see THIS Legion return. As I said earlier I am not a fan of the current reboot. I don’t hate it, I just don’t care about it. The characters may call themselves Legionnaires, but they’re not anyone that I know. THIS Legion on the other hand instantly felt right. These are the characters I grew up with, the characters I care about.

The current DC multiverse has 52 different worlds in it. One of them should be the home of this Legion and that’s the world I want to read about.

4 Responses to “Justice League of America #10”

  1. gmiller Says:

    Arg! I didn’t read this yet! Spoiler ALert!!!!!!!

  2. freiheit Says:

    Hey Greg,

    Sorry about that. I’ve figured out how to put an excerpt on the main page and then have a link to the rest of the article, so that’s what I’ll do from now on.

  3. gmiller Says:

    I just finished reading it and yes I’m assuming it was Barry they were trying to bring back…that’s what Batman thought too and we all know he’s never wrong. Besides the clues you pointed out if you look at the last panel of the book, there is an image in the head of the wand. Sure it could be Brainy’s reflection but I read that as them having someone’s essence trapped in the wand. This of course ties into everything you had already mentioned about them revamping the Flash comic too (which I’m going to read right now). We’ll see where they go with this.

  4. freiheit Says:

    Agreed, don’t argue with the Bat.

    I noticed that image in the wand in the last panel and thought it was too ambiguous to decide if it was a reflection or something else. From other comments I’ve read on this issue the consensus is that it was indeed someone’s essence. They could still throw a curve at us, but right now I’d place my money on Barry.

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