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Sinestro Corps Special #1

Sinestro Corps Special #1I wasn’t expecting anything more than an entertaining read when I picked this issue up at the comic shop last Wednesday. It hadn’t been advertised heavily so I didn’t expect anything. Boy was I wrong!

I don’t usually post spoiler alerts, but I will this time. Do NOT read beyond the break if you’re a DC fanboy like I am and you haven’t yet read this issue! I’m not kidding!

Sinestro is loose and he’s out to change the universe. For the first time Geoff Johns takes us inside the renegade Green Lantern’s head. He doesn’t see himself as a villain. He thinks he’s bringing order to the universe. A chilling oath gives us much insight:

In Blackest Day

In Brightest Night

Beware your fears made into light

Let those who try to stop what’s right

Burn like my power

Sinestro’s Might!

To accomplish his goal Sinestro recruits a little help. He’s already killed the Weaponeers of Quard, now he goes after, and gets, Kyle Rainer – who he turns into Parallax. If that wasn’t enough, after a devastating attack on OA, his Sinestro Corps frees and returns with the Cyborg Superman and the Earth-Prime Superboy. Yeah, the pre-crisis power level Superboy who can move planets with his pinkie!

Feeling scared yet? You will when you find out that’s he’s delivering this army to the Anti-Monitor!

I’m sure all of this makes little sense to anyone who is only a casual fan of the DC Universe, but to those of us that live and breath this stuff, this is big. This group has enough power to actually defeat the Green Lantern Corps and the rest of the heroes of DC all put together.

If this story maintains even half of this intensity, it should be a doosey! I feel like a kid again.

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