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The Phantom #17

The Phantom #17I tried this title a while back, and while I didn’t dislike it, it also didn’t really grab me. Recently I decided to give it another go. I’m glad I did.



Issue 17 is the first of the three part “Invisible Children” storyline. Fact blends with fiction here as Mike Bullock tries to both bring awareness of the thousands of children in Northern Uganda who have been abducted, beaten, and forced to kill or be killed, and at the same time tell an interesting story. I hope he succeeds with the former, he’s certainly done so with the latter.

I’m only vaguely aware of the history of the Phantom, I saw the movie from a couple of years ago but that’s about it, but he seems to be kind of a jungle version of the Batman. To be fair, the Phantom came first. This story presents him as a very scary adversary who pops up out of nowhere to terrorize those that would commit evil.

The writing is nothing short of excellent and the art by Silvestre Szilagyi is well done. My only suggestion to the colorist would be to not be afraid to go darker. Some of the scenes seemed to me to be a little brightly lit for night time in the jungle.

Ignoring the message, this was a very good comic. But don’t ignore the message. If you can help, buy the B cover and Moonstone will donate a portion of the proceeds to help these very real “Invisible Children”. If you want to do even more check out http://www.invisiblechildren.com.

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