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Shadowflame #4

Shadowflame #4I wish that I could have reviewed the entire Shadowflame series, but even though I ordered all four issues from my comic store, only this last issue actually showed up. My store claims that they ordered them, so this is most likely a Diamond problem. In any event I’m glad that I got at least this final issue.


The book is written in an early Marvel style with lots of action. While it would have been nice to have read the first three issues, I didn’t feel lost. Joe Martino, the writer, does a nice job of bringing late comers like me up to date without stopping the action. Not an easy task when he’s also introducing at least a half-a-dozen characters. It was a fun read.

The cover by Paul Ryan and Ian Sokoliwski is great. The interior art shows good layout and storytelling, but otherwise seems a bit amateurish. The costume for the main character is wonderful. I just wish they had chosen more colorful tones than gray and black.

Published by Arcana and JGM Comics, this four issue mini is worth a look.

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