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Kid Kosmos Kidnapped

Kid Kosmos KidnappedOnce in a while a major creator will step out of the worlds of the big two comic publishers and create something for himself. This doesn’t seem to happen often, but it’s usually worth a look. Kid Kosmos is Jim Starlin’s creation, and it’s definitely worth a look.

Published by Dynamite Entertainment, this long delayed graphic novel, it was originally scheduled for last year, has been worth the wait. It picks up directly from the earlier Cosmic Guard mini-series and continues the story of Ray Torres, a young orphan who is chosen to be the latest Comic Guardian.

This book is better than the mini-series in many ways. First, the art is better. At times the mini-series seemed rushed to me. I felt like Starlin was trying too hard to draw in a manga style. While there is some of that here, it feels like he’s come to terms with it and made it work for him. It also doesn’t hurt that more of the story takes place in a sci-fi environment where Starlin seems more comfortable.

The story is not overly complicated, but it is fun. Ray Torres goes through a lot here and I can feel his pain, especially in the last chapter when he finally meets his birth mother for the first time.

I hope that this is just the beginning of a series of books featuring these characters as I quite enjoyed both them, and the format of this book. 144 pages is enough to give the reader a satisfying chuck that justifies the book’s $19.99 price tag.

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