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Man of Steel

There are spoilers here.

This movie wanted to be something great. It failed. It did manage to be alright, but it suffered from some serous flaws. One above all.

The most obvious problems:

Jor-El and Lara were sexual deviants. I know the trend in recent years has been to make Krypton darker and darker, and I do understand the point the creators were trying to make here, I just don’t like it.

Jonathan Kent telling Clark that ‘maybe’ he should have let the kids in the bus die. Although most of the characterisation of Pa Kent was spot on, this was just wrong.

Clark letting Jonathan die in the tornado. Umm, no.

The more important points:

This was Superman as if conceived by an adolescent. A child’s mind, full of rage, powerless, and too young to really understand the consequences of violence, would come up with this.

Let’s destroy Smallville and Metropolis. Why? Because it would be cool.

Let’s have Superman kill Zod. Why? Because it would be cool.

Let’s kill thousands, if not millions. Why? Because it would be cool.

But it’s not cool.

The Superman I know would *always* find a way. He would always save the day and he would do it without killing.

I know I’m not the target audience for this movie, but this just wasn’t Superman.

I get the feeling that there were some people involved that knew this. I think they did what they could to show the real Superman, but were overruled by adolescent studio execs.

There were little moments. Brief bits where the real Superman shined through the carnage.

When he first flew.

Even when he screamed after killing Zod.

I did think Cavill did a great job. He looked like Superman, and carried the role pretty well. He just didn’t have good material.

Finally, I didn’t hate this movie, but I was disappointed in it.

Superman is, or at least is *supposed* to be, something special. He’s supposed to be humanity on its best day. A symbol for when people get it right. He always, always, always, does the right thing. Not because it’s easy, not because it doesn’t cost him, but *because* it is the right thing. This ‘Superman’ didn’t. He did the expedient thing. The ‘easy’ thing. And that, most of all, was why this movie failed.

That was also why Captain America succeeded. Cap didn’t compromise. He didn’t look away. He saw something that was wrong, confronted it, and even though he nearly died in the doing, he succeeded. Marvel got it right and DC got it wrong.

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