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Bizarre New World #2

Bizarre New World 2About a year and a half ago I was feeling a little fed up with DC and Marvel comics, Marvel especially, and decided to pick up some Image books and give them a try. That turned out so well that earlier this year I decided to do the same to the small press comics. Now I’m still primarily interested in the super-hero genre, so I wasn’t interested in a lot of them, but as it turns out there are quite a few books that are at least tangentially related to super-heroes. Bizarre New World is one of the better ones in this category.

Published by Ape Entertainment, Bizarre New World is a three issue miniseries based on the premise, what would happen if an ordinary guy, in an ordinary world, suddenly gained the power to fly? Issue one was marvelous. Both funny and fun, without being silly. Issue two is not quite as good, but it is still very good.

Skipper Martin does an excellent job with the writing. He has a knack for creating believable, humorous, dialog, while at the same time taking his world and his characters seriously. Initially I feared that this would be yet another parody of super-heroes, but it’s not. Instead it’s fun.

The only part of this second issue that I thought was perhaps a little dry was when he has his main character ask a bunch of engineers to try and come up with an explanation for how a human could fly. The explanations were fun, but the scene goes on for three pages when two would have been enough. This is really a minor quibble though for what was a very enjoyable issue.

Often in small press books the art is lacking. That is not the case here. Christopher Provencher does an excellent job on the pencils as does Wes Dzioba on the coloring and lettering.

There is also a second story in this issue written and drawn by Tone Rodriquez which is nothing short of charming.

If you like slice of life stories with a twist, you should definitely give this book a try.

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