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Top of the Pile – 5/15/2012

  1. DC – Superboy #9
  2. DC – Legion Lost #9
  3. Marvel – Free Comic Book Day Avengers Age of Ultron #0.1
  4. Marvel – New Avengers #26
  5. Marvel – Avenging Spider-Man #7
  6. Valiant – Free Comic Book Day Valiant 2012
  7. DC – Batman #9
  8. DC – Batman and Robin #9
  9. Image – Walking Dead #97

Spoilers after the break.

I’m in a particularly snarky mood tonight. The first two comics didn’t help.

1) DC – Superboy #9

So why was this book at the top of my pile? Only because I tend to read Legion books first, and since Legion Lost was part 3 of “The Culling” and Superboy was part 2, I had to read Superboy first.

I have not been a fan of this book since the reboot. It’s retreading a lot of ground that I wasn’t that fond of in the first place in the story of Kon-El. This issue didn’t help raise my opinion of the series at all.

Both Lobdell and Defalco have done far better work in the past. This storyline feels completely generic at best. The art in this issue is just plain awful. Wait, that’s unfair. The cover image of Dawnstar is rather nice, but the rest of the cover, and the rest of the interior as well, feels very amateurish. The coloring is ghastly, but then so are the new costumes. The mask on Tyroc is horrendous.

2) DC – Legion Lost #9

At least the art in this book is much better than that on Superboy. The writing is also marginally better. I am getting tired of the constant “I know why you’re really here” line from Harvest. I get it. Somehow this third rate villain has manipulated the Legion into sending this particular team into the past for some reason that only he knows. Get on with it already. We all know that this book is going to be canceled in the near future anyway. It would be nice if it at least wrapped up this pathetic excuse for a storyline before then.

3) Marvel – Free Comic Book Day Avengers Age of Ultron #0.1

A reprint of Avengers #12.1. An interesting issue. Hopefully it will lead to a good Ultron story in the near future.

4) Marvel – New Avengers #26

An interesting story of an earlier version of Iron Fist. My biggest problem with it? This is not an Avengers story. It may be back story for the current AvX story, but in and of itself it is not an Avengers story. This is one of the many reasons I would like to see Bendis off of these books. I’m tired of the main Avengers books being treated as filler, or backstory, just because there is an ‘event’ in progress.

5) Marvel – Avenging Spider-Man #7

A fun issue. Nothing overly important here, just a fun story that was complete in one issue. It reminded me a lot of the old Marvel Team-Up book.

6) Valiant – Free Comic Book Day Valiant 2012

A bit of a disappointment in that this was just preview pages for the new X-O Manowar and Harbinger books. I’ve already read X-O, and I have Harbinger on order, so this wasn’t too useful or entertaining. The book also has some creator interviews, but again, nothing too exciting. I’ll wait and judge the new Valiant by the books it puts out, not the hype.

7) DC – Batman #9

Good issue. A continuation of the Night of the Owls.

8 ) DC – Batman and Robin #9

More Night of the Owls. A good issue, but I’m not too pleased with Robin killing again.

9) Image – Walking Dead #97

An okay issue. I keep wishing Kirkman would increase the pace a bit. Honestly, I’m getting bored with the series ever since it jumped the shark with Carl’s injury. Yeah, that’s still a sore point. There’s no way in hell he should have survived that. I think that if it had happened right in front of the best emergency room, staffed with the best doctors, in a non-zombie filled world, he still would have had only a 50/50 chance of survival. In the world of this comic? He should be dead.

That’s it for tonight. I’m taking next week off, so I’ll see you all in two weeks.


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